World-Class Compressed Air Auditing & Energy Saving Management Solutions


Do you know the cost of compressed air?

Researches in industries all over the world have shown that Energy is the largest cost associated with compressed air, equal to 75% of the total cost of ownership of a typical rotary screw air compressor.

We Measure and Analyze the performance, health and efficiency of the compressor & entire compressed air system, regardless of its size,
brand or age.
We Measure Quickly and efficiently Pressure, Voltage, Current & Flow and calculate productive power and unproductive power relating of the compressed air system.

We provide Compressed Air energy saving Management solutions that enable your organization to reduce energy costs and its environmental footprint, regardless of the brand and age of compressors you use. By the combined use of Variable Speed Controlled (Inverter) compressors, energy savings of up to 60% can be achieved.
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