Filter state control system, PARAMINA HUMIDITY CONTROL, a device with main target to control humidity of high pressure air via

  1. A Central monitoring unit with display, led indicators and menu navigation buttons.
  2. A Humidity Sensor incorporated in stainless steel chamber.

PARAMINA HUMIDITY CONTROL provides complete information regarding filters’ state (Filter OK – Filter Critical – Change Filter) in terms of humidity, giving the possibility at the same time, to check the reliability of all devices/systems that remove humidity from the air.

The use of this device is intended only for this purpose and not for any other use (e.g. cannot replace laboratory humidity measurement devices).

Power Supply: 230VAC 50-60Hz or 24VAC 50-60Hz or 24VDC

Operating Temperature: +5oC to +45oC

Max. Working Pressure: 420bar

Process connection: G1/4 thread

  • Every 2 years the sensor must be checked and recalibrated or else replaced. In networks with bad air quality, every year
  • The humidity sensor is recommended to be installed in between final filter and pressure maintaining valve, vertically as per arrow indication.
● Accurate humidity sensor in stainless steel chamber.
● Central monitoring unit with digital display.
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