1973 –
PARAMINA pioneers the first use of an adjusting screw compressor on a tractor (5 m3/min, 8 bar).
1981 –
PARAMINA is the first company in Greece to begin the manufacture of screw compressors


1995 –
PARAMINA commences the production of high pressure breathing air compressors (40-350 bar).Mistral

2002 –
PARAMINA extends its screw compressor series, up to 110 KW.

2003 –
PARAMINA began with great success to export its products in the international market.

116-1650_IMGLondon Dive Show

2004 –
PARAMINA installs variable speed technology (inverter) to the whole range of screw compressors and develops the most contemporary energy saving systems for any compressed air system installation.AE 55R-75R VS

2005 –
PARAMINA moves to the new factory aiming to further development of its products and services.newBUILDING



PARAMINA extends its high pressure compressor series, with the new model Cyclone, 24-36 m3/h – 420bar max.

2010 –

PARAMINA manufactures high pressure refrigerated dryer ‘’CRYO’’, 36 m3/h – 350bar max.

2012 –
PARAMINA increases the maximum working pressure of its high pressure compressor models Typhoon & Cyclone, up to 420 bar.

2015 –

PARAMINA launches the new ”Force” in our high pressure compressor series, Notus model, 10 m3/h – 350bar max.

Notus N10-EM_ET -front

2016 –

PARAMINA celebrates its 50year anniversary