Pure Breathing Air exceeding EN12021 & International Standards

  1. Air Compressor producing high pressure breathing air up to 420 bar max with capacities from 103 lit/min up to 600 ltr/min.
  2. Refrigerated Air Dryer drying compressed air down to 3 oC dew point before entering the BA Filters, thus increasing BA cartridges lifetime and reducing compressor’s service costs.
  3. BA Filtration Systems ( Active Carbon / Molecular Sieve / Hopcalite + coalescing prefilter 0,5 mg/m3) ensuring best breathing air quality – custom design availability.
  4. Automatic Filling System giving priority to BA cylinders filling either from the Compressor or the Storage System.
  5. Storage System with reverted cylinders for no moisture accumulation at their bottom, at any pressure and number of cylinders combination – custom design availability.
  6. Air Quality Control Systems for continuous monitoring & alarm of 02, C0, C02, H20, VOC (Oil) & H2S limits, reassuring premium inhaled compressed air.
  7. Wall-mounted filling panels at any pressure and number of filling hoses combination – custom design availability.
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