Coalescing Filters

Highly efficient compressed air filters, designed to remove particles, oil, oil vapor and odour down to 0,01 micron and 0,003 mg/m3.
Differential pressure manometer.
Anodising treatment.
Automatic condensate drain.

Air Tanks

High-Resistant air tanks,
CE certified according to
European directives.
● Painted or Galvanized
● Manometer & Safety Valve
● Manual & Automatic Condensate drain.

Oil/Water Separators

Separation and collection of condensate lubricant according to European directives for environmental protection.

Condensate Drains

Timer Controlled drains & level sensed drains for zero compressed air condensate management applications such as : Air tanks ,Separators & Filtration systems.

Air Dryers

Breathing Air Dryers for drying & purification of compressed air for Breathing Air Applications.Ensuring pure air quality for industrial use according EN. 12021 and medical breathing air according Pharmacopee Europeene.

Refrigerated with unique design and new aluminum heat exchanger, ensuring a simple, reliable and maintenance free solution for dry and clean air. Dew Point: +3 °C

Adsorption, heatless or heat regenerated for totally dry compressed air – absolutely free from condesnsation.
Dew Point: -20 °C to -70 °C.
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