Compressed air contains large quantities of moisture and other contaminants.

This moisture and contaminants must be removed from compressed air, in order for the final quality of air to meet the requirements of EN12021 breathing air directive.

Cleaning of the air is achieved inside breathing air filter (BA), through adsorption by Molecular Sieve (moisture adsorption – drying) and Active Carbon (oil hydrocarbons & oil odour adsorption). When Molecular Sieve is saturated, BA cartridge must be changed.

However, Molecular Sieve’s absorbance capability is affected by compressed air’s temperature, which increases or decreases according to the ambient temperature as well.

The higher the air temperature, the more it decreases BA cartridge’s lifetime.

”CRYO” refrigerated dryer, decreases compressed air’s temperature to 3 oC (Dew Point), liquefying most of the moisture which is then drained automatically to the ambient.

By installing ”CRYO” before compressor’s BA filter, only a small quantity of moisture reaches BA cartridge for adsorption, thus increasing a lot its lifetime.

Technical Data

● +3 oC dew point.
● R134a CFC Free refrigerant.
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