Odessa Diving Show ’08 – Ukraine

Paramina participated in the Odessa diving exhibit 2008 through her representatives Underwater Technologies Lab.






Paris Diving Show ’08

Paramina has taken part in Paris Diving Show ’08 in France through her representatives BCH Compresseurs.


Cairo Plastex exhibition ’07 – Egypt

Our company participated in the Plastex ’07 exhibition in Cairo, Egypt through her represantitives EPSI SA.













”The” Unique Purification System

Paramina proudly announces her unique creation of the ONLY Purification System ever developed by a manufacturer of high pressure breathing air compressors on a 6 m3/h compressor.

A coalescing prefilter (0,5 mg/m3 oil residual) installed before the active carbon – molecular sieve cartridge, inside the final filter, ensures abosute clean breathing air, exceeding by far the requirements of EN 12021 directive.