Sub Categories

Standard Equipment

  • Start/Stop Switch with Thermal Button (15E & 18E models)
  • Electric Starter / Battery fitted (15P, 18P & 15D models)
  • Direct on-line starter (15E model)
  • Star/Delta starter (18E model)
  • Micronic Air Inlet Filter
  • Hour Meter (15E & 18E models)
  • 2 Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers
  • Large Stainless Steel Aftercooler
  • 3 Interstage Safety Valves
  • Water Separator after 2nd Stage
  • Combined Final Filter – including Coalescing Pre-filter (0,5 mg/m3 oil residual) and special designed AC/MS cartridges with 90% molecular sieve, for absolute moisture removal.
  • 2 Filling Hoses complete with DIN and INTERNATIONAL ‘’A’’ Clamp adaptors
  • Pressure maintaining & non return valve
  • Automatic Stop (15E & 18E models)
  • Automatic Condensate Drains with manual backups (15E & 18E models)
  • Interstage & Final stage Manometers
  • Emergency Stop Button (15E & 18E models)
  • Condensate collector Vessel
Typhoon Open Electric
Optional Equipment

  • Automatic Stop (15P, 18P & 15D models)
  • Automatic Condensate Drains with manual backups (15P, 18P & 15D models)
  • Thermometer/High Temperature alarm
  • Low Oil level sensor/alarm
  • Extra Filling Hose
  • Dual pressure filling facility, allowing 225/330 bar filling
  • Wheels for mobile use
 1Typhoon Open Petrol
ModelDriveWorking Pressure (bar)CapacityMotor Power (kW)Speed Rotation (rpm)Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
Open15E3phase motor225/35015.02505.511001075470155
Open15DDiesel motor225/35015.02506.811001285273151
Open15P4stroke petrol225/35015.02506.011001285273148
Open18E3phase motor225/35018.03007.513001075470175
Open18P4stroke petrol225/35018.03008.213001285273168