Notus Open

Paramina’s new ‘’Force’’ in high pressure piston compressor series.

Notus Open High pressure piston compressor, three staged, air cooled and oil lubricated.

Heavy duty design for continuous operation during the day, easy-to-move, offering pure breathing air according to EN 12021.

Semi-portable compressor  suitable for indoor or open area installations, mobile rescue squads, fire trucks, diving boats & paintball teams. Its robust construction makes it suitable for several industrial applications as well.

ModelDriveMax. Working Pressure (bar)CapacityMotor Power (kW)Speed Rotation (rpm)Dimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
N10-EM Open1phase motor35010.21703.714001105368113-128
N10-ET Open*3phase motor35010.21704.014001105368129-135
N10-BZ Open4stroke petrol35010.21704.11400110536886
*Option: 420bar version
*Option: Classic version

Standard Equipment

  •  Micronic Air Inlet Filter
  •  Hour Meter (electric version)
  •  2 Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers
  •  Large Stainless Steel Aftercooler
  •  Safety Valves in all stages
  •  Condensate Separator after 2nd Stage
  •  Pressure maintaining & non return valve
  •  Filling Hose (1,2m) complete with DIN and INTERNATIONAL ‘’A’’ Clamp Adaptor
  •  Final stage manometer
  •  Manual condensate drains
  • Start/Stop Switch
  • Motor Thermal Overload protection
  • Built-in vibration pads
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Hourmeter
  • 5m cable with industrial plug
  • Combined Final Filter (click here)

Optional Equipment

  •  Automatic Stop
  •  Automatic Start
  •  Automatic condensate Drains
  •  Extra Filling Hose
  •  Dual pressure filling facility, allowing 225/330 bar filling
  •  Condensate collector vessel
  • Interstage manometers
  • 1,5m air inlet hose with particle strainer