Mistral Nitrogen

High-pressure piston compressor for NITROGEN (N2), Compact, 3-staged, air cooled, oil lubricated, model Mistral M6-ET  2,2kW/400V/50Hz, suitable for Nitrogen compression applications, CE certified.

ModelPower SupplyMax. Working Pressure (bar)CapacityDimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
M6-ET (N2)2,2kW/400V/50Hz3306,6110854669105

Standard Equipment

  • Intake Pressure regulator
  • Intake pressure safety valve 
  • Inlet solenoid valve NC
  • Inlet Pressure Manometer 
  • Inlet Pulsation chamber 
  • Inlet Safety Pressure Switch, with alarm & shutdown error 
  • Inlet pressure Safety Valve 
  • Inlet Vacuum Safety Pressure Switch, with alarm & shutdown error 
  • Condensate Separator after 2nd Stage
  • Extended Stainless Steel Intercoolers & Aftercooler in all stages
  • Large fan for optimum cooling (370mm diam.)
  • Safety Valves in all stages
  • Gas Purifying Filter 
  • Non-return valve
  • HP outlet ¼’’ BSP
  • Inter stage (1st, 2nd) manometers and Final Stage 400 bar manometer.
  • Start/Stop switch
  • Emergency Stop button or/and main switch
  • Hour meter
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • Automatic start & stop system
  • 24V secondary voltage providing safety during routine operation.
  • High temperature alarm & shutdown error
  • Low oil level alarm & shutdown error
  • Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain system via condensate/nitrogen return piping system, back inside compressor’s crankcase
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Built-In Vibration Pads