Paramina Cyclone Silent is a 4 staged, air cooled, high pressure piston compressor, suitable for special paintball applications where large air demand is required; such as big paintball centers.

Each unit is equipped with large stainless steel intercoolers/aftercoolers, separators and coalescing filters for absolute moisture removal, easy to use digital control panel, large stainless steel purification filter (with one coalescing pre-filter and two large active carbon / molecular sieve cartridges) producing absolute clean air and large openings ensuring easy and rapid maintenance.

The soundproof enclosure in combination with the very low turning speed, reassures smooth, safe, quiet and long life operation.

Max. Operating Pressure: 350 bar


Cyclone large
Standard Equipment

  • Star/Delta starter system
  • Micronic Air Inlet Filter
  • Advanced electronic control system PARAMINA CONTROLLER HP, providing operating, controlling & servicing data
  • LCD display showing Filling Pressure, Operating Temperature, Running hours and other data such as
  • Service remaining hours warning, High temperature alarm, Recording of the last 15 alarms/malfunctions
  • 24V secondary voltage providing safety during routine operation
  • Automatic control of Start/Stop system
  • Pressure maintaining & non return valve
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Water Separator after 2nd Stage
  • Coalescing Pre-filter / Water Separator after 3rd stage extending BA filters’ life
  • Φ90×770 Combined Final Filter – including Coalescing Pre-filter (0,5 mg/m3 oil residual) and special designed AC/MS cartridges with 90% molecular sieve, for absolute moisture removal.
  • High efficiency aluminium cooler (1st & 2nd stage)
  • Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers – Aftercooler (3rd & 4th stage)
  • 4 Interstage Safety Valves
  • Interstage pressure sensors providing emergency shutdown in case of 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th stage overpressure
  • Large fan (630mm diam.) with independent electric motor for optimum cooling
  • 5 Filling Hoses complete with DIN and INTERNATIONAL ‘’A’’ clamp adaptors
  • Lever Operated on/off filling valves with automatic ventilation
  • Automatic Condensate Drains with manual backups
  • Soundproof insulation with very low noise level
  • Condensate Collector Vessel

Optional Equipment

  • Interstage manometers
  • Low Oil level sensor/alarm
  • Dual pressure filling facility, allowing 225/330 bar filling
  • Remote Start/Stop – Remote Load/Unload
Cyclone inside new 2
 Cyclone inside new 1
Model Drive Working Pressure (bar) Capacity Motor Power (kW) Speed Rotation (rpm) Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg)
m3/h lit/min L W H
Silent24 3phase motor 225/350 24.0 400 7.5 800 76 113 178 470
Silent30 3phase motor 225/350 30.0 500 11.0 1000 76 113 178 510