Cyclone Nitrogen / Helium / Argon

High-pressure piston compressor for NITROGEN, HELIUM & ARGON (N2 / He / Ar), Compact, 3-staged, air cooled, oil lubricated, model Cyclone Silent 30E,  11kW/400V/50Hz, suitable for Nitrogen, Helium & Argon compression applications, CE certified.

Model Power Supply Max. Working Pressure (bar) Capacity Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg)
m3/h lit/min L W H
CYCLONE SILENT 30E (N2/He/Ar) 11kW/400V/50Hz 350 30,0-33,0 500-550 76 113 178 530

Standard Equipment

  • Inlet Solenoid valve NC.
  • Inlet Pressure regulator 16 bar max. inlet / adjusted at 0,1 – 0,4 bar outlet.
  • Inlet pressure safety valve (before pressure regulator), adjusted at 16 bar.
  • Inlet Pressure Manometer (after pressure regulator) -1bar/+3 bar range.
  • Inlet Pulsation chamber.
  • Inlet Safety Pressure Switch (after pressure regulator), adjusted at 2 bar
  • Inlet pressure Safety Valve (after pressure regulator) adjusted at 2,5 bar
  • Inlet Vacuum Safety Pressure Switch adjusted at -0,5bar.
  • Micronic Air Intake Filter.
  • Condensate Separators after 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Stage.
  • Safety valves in all stages.
  • Final gas purification Filter Ø90Χ770 including Coalescing Pre-filter (0,5mg/m3 oil residual) and 2x large (Active Carbon / Molecular Sieve) cartridge Ø65Χ260 each.
  • High efficiency aluminum cooler after 1st and 2nd stage.
  • Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers – aftercooler at 3rd and 4th stage
  • Extra 3rd stage intercooler
  • Extra 4th stage aftercooler
  • Secondary large fan (630mm diam.) with independent motor for optimum compressor’s cabinet cooling, making it capable for continuous operation.
  • Inter stage pressure sensors in all stages providing emergency shutdown in case of overpressure.
  • High Temperature Alarm & Shutdown error via Analogue temperature sensor at final stage, for additional safety and accurate indications.
  • Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain system via condensate/Helium or Argon return piping system, back inside compressor’s crankcase.
  • Automatic stop at the desirable pressure via analogue pressure sensor 400bar
  • Automatic restart at the desirable pressure via analogue pressure sensor 400bar
  • Non Return Valve
  • Inter-stage manometers.
  • Built-In Vibration Pads.
  • Condensate collecting tank with level indication.
  • Soundproof insulation ensuring very low noise level.
  • Automatic belt tensioning system.
  • ¼” BSP female inlet/outlet.
  • Low oil level alarm.
  • Start/Delta starting system.
  • 24V secondary voltage providing safety during routine operation.
  • Motor thermal overload protection.
  • Emergency Stop button.
  • Electronic Controller incorporating:
  • Digital Display.
  • Start/Stop button.
  • Reset button.
  • Menu button.
  • Easy adjustment of all the parameters of the controller through a menu
  • Filling pressure index (by a transmitter) / protection in case of overpressure.
  • Interstage pressure index/ protection in case of overpressure.
  • Operating temperature index / protection in case of wiring faults and overheating.
  • Operating hours index.
  • Remaining hours for service index.
  • Warning of Gas filter change.
  • Warning of oil change.
  • Recording of last 15 alarms / trips (malfunctions).
  • Remote Start/Stop – Remote Load/Unload.
  • Leakage, Safety valves and condensate drains test.

Remark for service index: The controller warns every x hours (replacement hours on the gas compressors depend on the application) for the replacement of the final gas purification cartridge. If the compressor reaches the pre-adjusted operating hours and the cartridge is not replaced yet, it stops automatically and we notice a trip code number at the display.

The controller also warns every 490 operating hours for oil change, and if at 500 operating hours the oil is not changed yet, the compressor stops automatically and we notice another trip code number at the display.