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Typhoon Open 13 Portable

Paramina is pleased to announce the production of our new mobile high pressure compressor. Modern design incorporating wheels, handles and antivibration pads. Low speed operation, ensuring reliability for many working hours and low noise level. Model: Typhoon Open 13 Portable Free air delivery: 13,2 m3/h (220 lit/min) Max. working pressure: 350 bar Versions: Electrical, Petrol […]

Paris Diving Show 2011

Paramina participated for the 4th time in Paris Diving Show (January 2011) through her representatives in France BCH Compresseurs – www.bch-compresseurs.fr  

Έκθεση Salon de la plongee 10 – Γαλλία

Η ΠΑΡΑΜΙΝΑ έλαβε μέρος για τρίτη χρονιά στην μεγαλύτερη έκθεση που πραγματοποιείται στη Γαλλία (Παρίσι), όσον αφορά τον καταδυτικό εξοπλισμό, μέσω του αντιπροσώπου της BCH Compresseurs.

Birmingham Dive Show 2010

Paramina was present in Birmingham Dive Show 2010, through her representatives in United Kingdom, Central Compressor Consultants – www.centralcompressors.com